Vídeo: Os destaques da Superbike e Supersport em Donington Park

Para todas aquelas pessoas que não assistiu a ultima etapa da SBK em Donington Park , ou aqueles que simplesmente querem desfrutar novamente os melhores momentos aqui esta os principais destaques da Corrida 1, 2 e Supersport, que foram vencidas por Melandri , Checa e Scassa . Divirta-se!

  1. Great choice of bngineer bike 500s are great all-round bikes, docile enough to learn on, quick enough for highway riding, but relaxed enough for coping with rush-hour traffic.I’m 6 2 , 215 lbs. I personally find most Viragos too small, although they come in a couple different sizes (at least on the used market).There are two competing 500 cc sport bikes, the Buell Blast and the Suzuki GS500F. The GS500F is the closest to the Ninja in looks and performance. I ride one of these myself. The Blast is a bit different, and if you look at one be sure to get one with the high seat height they came in two sizes, and the low (scalloped) seat is going to be way too small for you.Other possibilities: the Ninja 250. From a comfort standpoint, it somehow feels larger than a Ninja 500 seems to have something to do with the footpeg placement. And you might want to consider dual sports; these things are like street legal dirt bikes and they give taller riders plenty of room to stretch out.



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