Aqui voce vai encontrar os principais vídeos de lançamentos de motos, MotoGP, Super Bike e etc. Vídeos Oficiais da Kawasaki Ninja 300 2013, ZX6R entre outros lançamentos. Confira!

Nova Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 2013

Nova Kawasaki Ninja 300 2013

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  2. espero q venha para para o brasil,pos a proposta da honda com suas 500cc para 2013 vai bater de frete com a 300cc ninja e quem ganha? somos nos consumidores apaixonados por motos,pos a kawasaki tem tido respeito com seus consumidores pos tem inovado suas maquinas e com um preço justo,agora vamos ver como vai se sair a honda com tantos lansamentos de motos com preços elevados!!!


    • Sorry, I can’t answer about the cost down there in Sydney. but I can tell you that when I ride up here in the U.S. I uauslly just tuck my gloves in the helmet and hang it from the handlebars by the chin strap. I’ve never had anything stolen, because each helmet is fitted to your head, which means itwon’t fit another person, unless their head is the same size as yours. I guess they could go around and steal 100 helmets until they find one that fits, but what’s the point? Who wants to wear your sweaty helmet? You could always put a note in the helmet asking if they want to wear your sweaty underwear, too.My leather coat I take with me and hang up, just like anyone would with their coat. The fact that mine is heavier and made of leather shouldn’t matter much. If you are wearing full leathers, withchaps, a coat, gloves and a rain cover, just take them all in and hang them up or lay them down wherever others are putting their coats or jackets.Cost to maintain the bike you mention would depend on how much work you do yourself. You should get the workshop manual for it. (NOT the owners’s manual, which should come with it, but the WORKSHOP manual, that actually tells you how to do mechanical operations like changing brake pads, servicing the fork struts, changing the transmission oil, etc.) Then read it and start buying (slowly) the tools you need for a particular job. Buy the best tools you can afford. You don’t need to buy everything at once. Figure out what you need for a particular job, and just buy those items. Over a year or so you will find you have built quite a nice selection of good tools. With the proper tools you will be able to work successfuly, without damaging the bike, or injuring yourself, which is likely to happen with cheap tools. I still have the first wrenches that I bought the first week I actually worked as a mechanic, over 32 years ago, and they are as good as the day I bought them. Plus it is a lot of fun to learn to maintain your machine. You are a lot less fearful on a long trip (or even a short trip) if you know your machine and how it works. You will learn a lot, and you will enjoy making adjustments that are needed, when you know you are doing them correctly.Remember that the best mechanics in the world started out by holding a wrench for the first time. They weren t born with a wrench in their hand!. They learned to be good mechanics, one job at a time, and became good by understanding what they were doing, and asking questions if they didn’tknow, and refusing to do the work poorly. Being able to do good work is just a decision you make about what you will do. Also, your machines will last a LOT longer and have fewer problems if you pay attention to them and adjust them whenever they need it.Good luck and have fun!


  3. muitos falam q precisamos sonhar,nas sonhar nao e o suficiente para por uma moto desta na garagem , precisamos ter fe´ em Deus e lutar bastante para realizarmos nossos sonhos.


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